Complex Hotel General Manager Cover Letters

Susie Hilton
12 Junction Street
Collinstown NSW 2100
P: (02) 5678 9876
M: 0498 765 432


Craig Hodgison
Collinstown Ex-Servicemen’s Club
15 Gabriel Street
Collinstown NSW 2100

Dear Mr Hodgison

Re: Secretary Manager position at Collinstown Ex-Servicemen’s Club

I am writing to apply for the position of Secretary Manager at Collinstown Ex-Servicemen’s Club, as advertised online via the website

I have over four years’ experience as a Manager and Responsible Licensee working in clubs and hotel/motel complexes, as well as five years’ experience as a club Administration Assistant Manager. I have a strong business focus, as well as excellent people management, leadership and communication skills. With this extensive experience and knowledge of hotel business processes, I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your club.

As Complex Manager at the Outback Hotel, I gained first-hand experience in developing new smoking areas for the facility. I also managed external tenders for building improvements to the Bourkesville Club, including renovations and installing electronic opening doors. This involved sourcing quotes for proposed work, and regular consultations with builders and the owners. These projects allowed me to develop a unique combination of communication and negotiation skills, as well as budgeting experience that would make me ideal for the Secretary Manager position at your club throughout the current redevelopment phase and any future projects.

As a registered auditor for Collinstown Memorial Club, I developed skills in preparing bank reconciliations, debtor ledgers, accounts payable/receivable, monthly reporting to boards, auditing, budget analysis and liaising with external accountants. I also have an understanding of annual returns including CDSE and AUSTRAC and am able to compile annual reports in a professional manner.

Throughout my career I have been committed to continual professional development and extended my formal qualifications with additional short courses in OHS, hygiene and food standards, and fire procedures. This has included completing a Certificate IV in Hospitality, as well as my Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) certificates in 2004.

I am keen to make a contribution to the development of your club and would bring extensive experience as well as innovative ideas to the role. I am a confident, quick learner with a flexible attitude, and I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your team.

My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Kind regards,

Susie Hilton

Sample Cover letter for Hotel General Manager

What to mention in cover letter for this Hotel General Manager? There are two important things you can mention like experience and qualification which will determine your skills. Writing good cover letter can take to one step ahead of getting the particular job.

(Write your name and address)

John Edwards
210 Dogwood Road
Phone: 602-673-5951

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Randy Wright
Banknorth Group, Inc.
1666 West Street
Grand Rapids

Date: 13-11-2010

Dear Mr.Wright,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

Job profile mentioned by you in for Hotel General Manager goes well with my education and experience. Banknorth Group, Inc. is well known in market and it would be dream come true to work with such firm at Phoenix.

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • Developed logistics to move front desk operation into new facility without service interruption.
  • Developed and established an off-site distribution center and warehouse for the Resort.
  • Expanding bike rental fleet, beach rental items, expansion of kids and sports programming.
  • Implemented new online GSS with great results in usage and guest feedback.
  • Started successful green initiative and extensive recycle program.
  • Worked with Sales team to improve use of all available distribution channels and online tools.

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

Please consider my enclosed resume. I have mentioned work skills and education details along with finished projects. If you would like to know more about my profile, please contact me anytime on my phone number or e-mail me. You can find my contact details on my resume. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely
(John Edwards)

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