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M.A. in Literature Student Projects

By jengland | Published October 8, 2014

Master’s in Literature Students, Year Graduated, Project Titles 

Updated: October 8, 2014

  • Hayley Cotter, 2014 MA Master Essay: “’Behind Her Farre Away’: Dwarfs as Doubles in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene”
  • Jennifer Nix, 2014 MA Master Essay: “The Evolution of the Child Vampire in Literature: From the Victorian to the Millennium Monster”
  • Cyndi Sabo, 2012 MA Master Essay: “Gender and Madness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet”
  • Jesse Munoz, 2012 MA Master Essay: “Shakespeare and Borges”
  • Kandida Gendron, 2012 MA Master Essay: “To ‘Snatch a Wreath beyond the Grave’: Mary Robinson’s Poetic Genius, Literary Reputation, and Modern Reception.”
  • Cambria Pritchard, 2012 MA Master Essay: “Religion and Science: Gothic Impressions in Thomas Hardy”
  • Lisa Lisenbee, 2011 MA Master Essay: “Liberation and Sacrifice: Spike’s Role as the New Man in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  • Adriana Caraballo, 2011 MA Master Essay: “A Good Queer Is Hard to Find: The Correction of Queer Desire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”
  • Kyle Traylor, 2010 MA Master Essay: “Lizzie Laughs: Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’”
  • Naomi Moreno, 2010 MA Master Essay: “The Sympathetic Social Vampire in Matheson’s I Am Legend and Rice’s Interview with a Vampire”
  • Micah Donahue, 2009 MA Master Essay: “Reading Between the Letters: Utopia as Mirror and Desire”
  • Angela Clarke, 2009 MA Master Essay: “‘Fixed is Her Eye’: Felicia Hemans’ Female Gaze, Voice, and Identity Through the Medusa/Pythia Archetypes”
  • Elizabeth Brasher, 2009 MA Master Essay: “Understanding Emily Dickinson and Female Selfhood in Fascicle Twenty”
  • Jason Jones, 2009 MA Master Essay: “’A Home in Motion’: Negotiating American Romantic Traditions in A. R. Ammons’s Sphere”
  • Timera Drake, 2008 MA Thesis: “Female Agency and Chastity: Issues of Redemption and Judgment in Renaissance Drama”
  • Nicole Read, 2007 MA Thesis: “The Poet Alchemist: Art versus Nature in Ben Jonson’s Satire”
  • Rachael Lee MacCallum, 2006 MA Thesis: “Mary Tighe’s Psyche: An Exploration of the Gender Power Dynamics in Speech and Silence”
  • Elodie Staley, 2005 MA Thesis: “American Gothic Children”
  • Susan Chisum, 2004 MA Thesis: “Charlotte Turner Smith: Marketing Strategy and the ‘Traditional Female’ Voice”
  • Lauma Reinfelds, 2003 MA Thesis: “Anne Bradstreet’s Early Elegies: A Double Exposure of the Gender System in the Renaissance Elegiac Conventions & the Puritan Society of New England”
  • Caroline Woolf, 2002 MA Thesis: “Subversion of Emily Dickinson’s and Sylvia Plath’s Poetry Through Posthumous Editing”

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